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UPR @ No Mercy race hosted by Donald "Duck" Long

Posted by UPR Products on Nov 17th 2019

UPR @ No Mercy race hosted by Donald "Duck" Long

The UPR Products show trailer and sales staff rolled into South Georgia Motorsports Park last week for the 10th annual No Mercy race hosted by Donald "Duck" Long.

The track was already packed with the finest radial racers from all over the country as qualifying began Wednesday night.

We got to talk to several top Radial vs. the World competitors from Team UPR whom we sponsor.

We had a great conversation with Alex Laughlin who told us about his experience with Paqui "One Chip Challenge"hot pepper chip that made national headlines.

He said he could handle most any "hot" foods but that he truly regrets taking a bite of the Paqui chip. He said everything that could burn in his body did, and the pain lingered for days !

In addition to his Corvette, he also drives an NHRA Pro Stock and a NHRA Pro Mod at national events. We asked him how hard it is to remember all the controls and how to use them in 3

totally different cars. He said it wasn't easy, but so far he has been lucky. And lastly we spoke about his UPR-equipped personal GT 350 street car.

Marcus Birt, whose Corvette is the world's quickest radial Nitrous car at 3.57 seconds, admitted that his crew tell him to "keep away" from his car while they are working on it

and "stick to driving" LOL ! Marcus will be flying Team UPR colors next year!

Team UPR's Marty Stinnett , whose stock-appearing orange Fox body is one of the best-looking and most deceptive race cars anywhere (try a 3.75 1/8th mile). His down home southern wit and wisdom

reminds us why we are so passionate about this sport and the people in it.

Longtime UPR racer David "Little Evil" Pearson and family stopped by to show us the timeslip from their record-setting Pro Drag Radial 3.90 run in their Vortech Mustang.

Despite a rainy Saturday, the fans came out on Sunday to witness an incredible sho, with Stevie "Fast" Jackson taking home the $50,000 first place prize

We at UPR Products attend these races because of all the great people we encounter, from old customers to new customers, from racers to fans,.and from promoters to track operators

without home we'd all be sitting at home on the weekend.

Hats off to Donald Long, Boss X, the Duck X family, Ozzy Moya and Wade Rich for putting on a great show !

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