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Questions:   1. Do Oil Catch Cans Actually Work?   -   2. Are all Catch Cans Created Equal?   -   3. What are the Benefit's of a Catch Can?


1. Properly designed Oil Catch Cans actually do a very good job of stopping oil from being sucked through the PCV system into your intake tract. UPR Oil Catch Cans are designed to stop as much oil as possible from entering your intake through the PCV system. This is achieved through a complex diffuser system with multiple chambers and custom formed Stainless Steel media that the oil passes through and coalesces until it is stripped and deposited into the bottom of the Oil Catch Can. Many Catch cans do no control oil well and if they run any of the ineffective parts below you should avoid them.


2. The UPR Catch Can Difference as not all Catch Cans are created equal and to point out the ineffective Oil Catch Can designs consist of some type of baffle, fine mesh, aluminum honeycomb, and some type of cheap bronze air compressor filters. Seeing that these are the cheapest and least effective parts used by industry giants to reduce cost and simplicity. These are know as pull through because they pull oil directly through them and stop a small amount of oil in the PCV. UPR Catch Can's use multiple processes from adjusting air speed in the diffusers to the size and density of the custom formed SS media used for coalescing. All the way to the oil lips and oil scrapers machined into the various styles of UPR diffusers.


3. The benefits of a properly designed UPR Catch Can consist of improved engine life, engine performance, and overall engine reliability. When a UPR Catch Can is doing it's job you will be able to run more aggressive timing and fuel adjustments and experience more power and improved gas mileage. These are common benefits you will experience and can expect from a properly functioning UPR Catch Can. Other benefits consist of extended spark plug life, more efficient combustion, and a vehicle that does not suffer from performance degradation over time as all vehicles do that don't run UPR Catch Cans.



Voted #1: UPR has multiple Utility Patented diffuser systems protected for the function and performance by the United States Patent Office.

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UPR Products was started in 1989 by long time Ford drag racer Mark Mainiero and his son Joe. Together with their employees Jeremy Martorella and Bart Tobener they amassed more racing victories and records than any other shop. Probably their greatest achievement was building the first 8 second True Street and undefeated 3 time World Ford Challenge winner 95 GT Mustang driven by Willie Figueroa. In 1998 Joe saw a need for a company that truly understood the Mustang racer’s suspension needs. His goal was to offer the strongest, lightest and best-working parts at an affordable price. He made customer service his highest priority and initiated an unconditional guarantee policy. A firm believer in the “keep it simple” philosophy Joe made sure all his components could be easily installed and adjusted. Sales manager and drag tech Jeremy Martorella is a 3-time champion and Billy Glidden protégé. He is always available to answer fine tuning questions by phone or at the track. Since UPR sends a fully-stocked trailer and staff to 22 Mustang events yearly, customers get the opportunity to see parts first hand.

UPR offers a complete chromemoly front K-member kit that shaves 67 pounds off the nose of a Mustang. UPR uses chromemoly tubing rather than mild steel because it enables UPR to use a smaller diameter tube. This gives UPR the best header clearance available while retaining maximum strength. It can be installed in the driveway in less than 3 hours. UPR’s bumpsteer and caster/camber plates complement the front end kit and offer anyone the same package used by most NMRA racers. UPR’s bumpsteer kit offers maximum adjustment and is used to keep the front tires parallel to each other and perpendicular to the track at all times. The bumpsteer kit requires no drilling as it includes custom fit studs rather than plain hex bolts. The caster camber kits allow full alignment adjustment and are offered in both steel and billet aluminum versions.

UPR’s Pro Series rear suspension also sets both performance and price standards. It has enabled racers to achieve 1.15 60’ times on 28 x 10.5 tires or 1.23 60’ times on drag radials. Double adjustable uppers allow quick on-car changes. Chromemoly lowers provide adjustability and strength. UPR’s needle-bearing mounted anti-roll bar keeps both rear tires planted while eliminating chassis twist. Installed in under 3 hours the rear suspension needs only to be adjusted “neutral”-no binding or preload on any bar- with the driver in the racecar.

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