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UPR Suspension Tech @ New England Dragway

The UPR Products sales trailer and sales staff attends over 20 races yearly. And when his schedule allows, UPR sales manager and suspension tech Jeremy Martorella comes along. The lure of scenic New England and the great Hampton Beach proved irresistible to Jeremy and he flew in for the UPR Ford Fest.

Just spectating proved impossible for him, as always. While standing at the starting line trying to assist UPR customer Charlie Grandll, observed heard a great sounding turbo Fox body car coming to the line. But, run after run, the car just couldn't seem to get traction nor make a straight pass. The car was running against mid 8 second cars but couldn't go faster than 9 teens.

Later, Jeremy took a walk over to the car in the pits and introduced himself. He asked the owner if he could look at the rear suspension and maybe help him out a little. The owner was a friendly young racer named Nick Boudreau and was glad to get any help. Jeremy immediately noticed that Nick's lower control arms had rubber bushings and appeared quite worn. The control arms had no place on an 8 second car. Jeremy offered Nick a set of UPR Pro Series lowers at a raceday price. Nick ended up with a complete UPR Pro series rear suspension kit when it became obvious that there were other worn components.

Nick got to make a time trial with the new parts and immediately turned a class best 8.58 sec run at 160+ mph. Since the car seemed to drift a little to the left, Jeremy made one more minor adjustment to the suspension. It was kind of funny that the other racers in the class complained of favoritism and weren't excited about Nick's blast. But everybody ended up kidding around as we all knew it meant a safer race car in the other lane.

Nick redlighted on Sunday but the following week raced the car and said it was hooking and going straight as an arrow. He joins Chris Little, Steven Jackson, John Kolivas and so many other UPR Pro Series stock suspension race cars.

We'll be seeing Nick and hopefully the other 8.50 racers at the upcoming Shakedown at E-town Oct 17-18.

All of us at UPR Products enjoy our job and the opportunity to help customers. It's not just about money. It is hard to justify the expense of bringing a 53 foot semi and full sales staff to all these races. But events like this and the people we meet make it all worthwhile.

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