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McLeod Clutches

UPR proudly offers McLeod Racing Products, call 561-588-6630 for pricing.

MCLEOD RACING, LLC, IS A WORLDWIDE LEADER in the high performance automotive aftermarket clutch and driveline industry and is a leading global supplier of clutch kits, clutch components, hydraulic bearings, flywheels, bellhousings and other performance driveline products. McLeod Racing is proud to have been providing cutting edge products, and industry leading service to the world’s foremost performance automotive, light truck and racing enthusiasts, for over 43 years.

NHRA Driver and McLeod owner, Paul Lee has continued McLeod’s standing as the premier clutch supplier since taking the reigns from founder Red Roberts. McLeod has a rich tradition of producing the very highest quality and most innovative clutches on the market. McLeod’s products are cost effective and backed with world-class service.McLeod’s products range from performance street replacement clutches to race ready units capable of handling 3000 hp. So whether you have a daily driver or a full race machine, McLeod has you covered.

Our clutches are just part of the story. McLeod is a one-stop source for all of your performance driveline products. Hydraulic kits, aluminum and steel flywheels, SFI bellhousings, shifters and starters are just some of the performance driveline products we offer.

McLeod Racing has built an impressive portfolio over the years working with the most respective builders and performance programs around the world, such as Ford Racing, Mopar Performance, Roush, Saleen, Lethal, Scoggin-Dickey, Vortech, Falken Drift Cars and many more.

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